Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I've argued with myself at length as to whether setting up a blog is a worthwhile endeavor or just the ultimate excercise in narcissistic wankery (is there any other kind?). Having long held the notion that you should not speak unless you can improve the silence it seems presumptuous, at best, to put myself on public display. And yet, here I am. In the balance it seems that the potential for generativity outweighs the other concerns. I'm not an objective judge of my own ideas; perhaps they're good and perhaps they're crap, but the only way to make this determination is to engage in conversation with others. Hopefully they'll be more of the former and less of the latter. A side note about the site address: its not (much of) an attempt to be clever; this was the first address I came up with that wasn't already taken. The expansion of weblogs must slow eventually, at least on Blogger, not because people have lost interest but because they've exhausted the address space.


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