Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sex Is Now Officially Uncool

Just saw a commercial on TV for "KY Warming Lotion". Ok folks, where I come from this is called "motion lotion" and you buy it at adult boutiques. And now they've got this whitebread, WASPy couple pitching the stuff and making eyes at each other on TV. Hello, can you possibly get less erotic? Before you know it they're going to be selling Proctor and Gamble bondage rigs in the personal care section at your local supermarket. Screw the Sex is for FAGS! campaign; it's shit like this thats going to bring abstinence back in vogue. You wanna stop teen pregnancy? Get somebody up on screen pitching anal lube who looks like their parents: "When I'm being pegged by my wife I prefer AstroGlide". They'll race to be the first kid on the block to sign a chastity pledge.


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