Sunday, September 10, 2006

Danger!, Will Robinson, Danger!

As long as I'm on the subject of airport security... another random thing that I noticed while in the airport today; airports are still at "Orange" status. Are they just going to stay at Orange indefinitely (along w/ the bloody inane ban on liquids) or are they eventually going to come back down to Yellow? Remember, they caught the guys in Britain; that means that we're safer that we were prior to the announcement that some people were going to try to blow shit up with Pepsi bombs. They were under surveillance for a frickin' year... it hardly merited raising the alert level to begin with, and it certainly doesn't merit keeping it elevated. No matter how I slice it airport security (and the whole alert rainbow in general) looks like some kind of Kabuki. It has nothing to do with actual security and everything to do with making it look like someone is doing something about security. That's a deeply cynical view to take, but any other interpretation requires you to take the facts our to the woodshed and give them a good cornholing before they'll line up.


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