Wednesday, November 08, 2006

When Its Bush vs. Mondale, We All Lose

I had the privilege last night of attending the social event of the season. Ah, the heady experience of being crammed into a tiny NY apartment with 20-ish beautiful drunk people watching the election returns. The highlight of the evening was quite possibly the funniest interchange between two drunk people that I've heard in quite some time:
Fool #1: I can bench 250 pounds. Fool #2: Good thing I'm not a bench, you'd kick my ass.
I'm led to understand that Fool #1 eventually topped this by removing his pants, though I wasn't there to witness it personally. Regarding the Mondale vs. Bush bake-off-a-pa-loo-za: I'm glad that I've grown up in an era where the American palette has become slightly more sophisticated.


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