Thursday, February 01, 2007

Citizens Are Advised To Be On The Lookout For Falling Sky

So the Adult Swim folks, or an advertising company hired by them, put up a bunch of these

in the environs of Boston. Chaos ensued.

Now, I recognized the characters immediately, but that's mainly because I'm an Adult Swim whore. However, I've got to wonder about the pervading mindset that caused not one, but many, people to get all panicky about them. To borrow a quote from the CNN article, they're frickin' Lite-Brites. I wasn't aware that terrorists typically tried to call attention to their IEDs... I thought the whole idea was to disguise them.

Seriously, though, what does it say about the current state of American Society that the unknown is immediately assumed to be a threat? I'm pinning this one directly on GWB... he's got the public so worried about terrorists under the bed that they're not able to think straight. Shit...


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