Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Causes of Political Disengagement

Y'know, there was a lot of rhetoric about disengaged voters during the last election cycle. American is coming apart at the seams, people feel that their vote doesn't matter blah blah blah. And then Obama changed all of that and ushered in a new era of peace and understanding.

Or not.

I feel it fitting, with the new boss looking so much like the old boss, to point out that this is exactly why people give up on politics. It's also why democracy is largely a sham. Everyone got out and cared and voted for a guy who promised that he wouldn't be a dick and yet, just a few short months later, there he is being a dick.

At this point why should any rational human being care who wins the next election? In the end all it comes down to is a politician's word that he'll use his powers for good and not evil. Promises promises promises... people thought they were voting for the frickin' messiah, but all they have now is the same story in a slightly prettier package. Next time around why should anyone believe anything that a presidential candidate says, when its clear that promises made before November 4th mean nothing thereafter?


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