Saturday, September 12, 2009

Can We Turn Down The Demonization Just A Little? Thanks.

I'd like to address something which Amanda posted yesterday about health care. Specifically

... good people don’t fight against expanding affordable health care coverage...
That's just wrong, both theoretically and as a matter of practical observation.

So let's tackle the theoretical angle first. I assume that Amanda isn't stating an axiom i.e. proposing that you're a good person if-and-only-if you support expanding affordable health care coverage. Rather, it appears that she's implying that good people will, as a byproduct of their goodness, naturally support expanded coverage. However, there are a number of plausible scenarios which might give a "good person" (however one would choose to define that phrase) pause. What if expanding affordable health care:

  • Turns out to be unsustainably expensive.
  • Involves undue intrusion of the government into peoples' private lives.
  • Is an improper expansion of the role of government.
And so on. All of these (and others) represent legitimate (hypothetical) concerns, any of which might lead a person to be against expanding healthcare. To judge someone holding one of these beliefs to be "not a good person" solely on that basis strikes me as unsupportable.

Now, on a practical note, what do we say about the 46% of the public who oppose the public option? Are they all "bad people"? Are they good people but sadly misinformed? Etc.

So, in the very least, it seems overly simplistic to assert that good people support expanded healthcare coverage.


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