Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Why I Don't Root For Either Team Anymore

You know, I generally like the crowd that hangs out at Daily Kos. Though I may frequently disagree with them they at least strike me as honest people who are interested in doing good and not just bending the political process over the back of a Buick.

And then I see shit like this:

Putting aside the merits of such subsidy programs (much of that money goes to massive agribusiness conglomerates), fact is that it's a political loser in this heavily agricultural state. Conway can certainly use every advantage he can get.

Fuck you and your realpolitik Markos... you're part of the problem. Here's a novel concept: two candidates from different sides of the aisle could agree that farm subsidies are a bad idea. My god! Genuine bi-fucking-partisanship right there! Instead you want Conway to keep his mouth shut for partisan advantage. How is that any different from the goddamn obstructionist ass-clowns in the Senate who are too afraid of upsetting their base to actually vote for anything useful?


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