Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yeah, the Droid 3 is great, but...

I just switched to the Droid 3 from the Pre 2 (forced on me, don't ask) and the experience has been nothing short of revolutionary. It's really nice to have a device that doesn't take 3 seconds to recognize that you've pressed a button. That said, the one thing I am missing about the Pre/WebOS at this point is its multi-tasking interface. It was tremendously useful (and intuitive I might add) to be able to background an application with a single gesture and then launch another or foreground an application which had already been launched. I'm slowly getting used to Droid's take on multitasking but it feels clunky in comparison.

I'm coming to think that WebOS is, all things considered, a pretty good platform whose adoption was hampered by shitty hardware. I mean, if HP had put out a phone using Motorola's HW platform instead of the Pre (powered by Hamster Inside©) it almost certainly would have done a lot better.


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