Saturday, November 03, 2012

Ok, I Voted For Obama, Now What?

Update: Synchronicity. The problem is the system; everything else is just a symptom.

I said I was going to stay away, but there are too many people wrong on the Internet. Today's ire is directed at all the gazillions of people who are saying "Vote for Obama, because Romney is worse".

Ok, fine, I get it... voting for Obama might be the best way to minimize damage in the short run. But what about the long game? If you acknowledge that all the viable candidates produced by the two party system are shitty, then shouldn't you also be pushing for electoral reform so that people who don't suck ass have the opportunity to at least participate in the frickin' debates?

Hello... <crickets>... thought so.

Look... go read this old Glenn Greenwald piece about the masochism of the Democratic base. The Democratic Party knows that, as things stand now, they can fuck us seven ways till Sunday and we'll still vote for them because they'll at least give us the reach-around now and again. We won't get anything meaningful or substantive from them until such time as they have to worry about us voting for someone else, which will be never if the "hold your nose and vote for Obama" crowd has its way.

So all y'all who want me to vote for the lesser of two evils: Come back when you have a plan to fix the electoral system and maybe I'll listen. Taking your advice, sans a push for electoral reform, amounts to kicking the can down the road; we'll be having this same discussion all over again in 2016.


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