Monday, June 26, 2006

Good Question

Zuzu wants to know, if one has to choose between the two, should one take up boxing or yoga? I've done yoga and continue to do kung-fu (close enough to boxing in this case), so I'm going to add my $0.02. It looks like most of the comments are coming down on the side boxing, but I think that's premature. The question remains of what Zuzu wants to get out of it? General health-wise I'd actually go with yoga on the grounds that its more likely to benefit you in everyday life. Yoga works all of you out, even the tiny little muscle that you didn't know you had. And then there's the general aerobic benefit as well; you don't need to be doing hot yoga to end up sweating and shaking at the end of a session. You don't get that gestalt effect with kung-fu (or boxing, I assume). But, if you're interested in beating the crap out of people, for self-defense or otherwise, go with the boxing. I do kung-fu mostly for its own sake, but if I had my druthers I'd do both, as I believe that yoga provides an excellent physical base upon which to build the ass-kicking.


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