Thursday, September 21, 2006

Not Entirely Convinced

I'm not entirely convinced that the grievances of the Prussian Blue family are wholly without merit; if the shoe were on a more favored foot would the reaction would be so salutary? If the family were gay, and the community distributed "No Homosexuality Here" flyers, would that be equally acceptable, or would the progressive community be taking them to task? I think that the key idea to consider are the tactics which are being employed. Regardless of the particular ideologies involved, is it appropriate to single out a family for this type of treatment? I'm generally of the opinion that people should be left alone unless they thrust themselves into the public sphere; rooting out private individuals with whom the greater society disagrees does tend to lead to witch hunts. The question, then, in my mind is whether the family in question has entered the public sphere with respect to their current community. Based on the news report whence all of this sprang it appears that they've kept to themselves since their arrival; they were identified based on a Primetime appearance which predated their move. Or is it the case that if you publicize yourself in any context you're fair game?


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