Wednesday, December 27, 2006

This Is A Good Thing

It takes a great deal of cynicism to believe that Congressional Democrats' efforts to un-fuck House operations is anything other than a positive development. If the House rules unfairly marginalize the minority party then they should be fixed; it's totally irrelevant that doing so increases the power of the Republicans. To claim otherwise one must believe that the Democrats' first priority should be self-perpetuation.

I really feel that anyone who appeals to "political reality" is, at some fundamental level, either dishonest or deluded. As in the case above such appeals rest on the assumption that its OK (and perhaps even morally necessary) to cheat on the small things so that your larger, more noble agenda can move forward. But isn't such a belief the absolute zenith of moral arrogance? To believe that you, or your party, are so noble and virtuous that you can grant yourselves leave to ignore or contravene rules for the sake of political expediency borders on megalomania. There's just no other way to put it.


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