Monday, February 12, 2007

Friday Random Ten: Monday Edition

Sorry for the delay, I know you've all been waiting breathlessly for my next pronouncement, but I was bedding-and-breakfasting this weekend. Without further ado:

  1. Man Of The Hour - Peal Jam
  2. Out Of Control - The Chemical Brothers
  3. Summertime Rolls - Jane's Addiction
  4. Prelude 12/21 - AFI
  5. Letter Never Sent - REM
  6. Jana - Killing Joke
  7. The Angels (Assassin Mix) - Christian Death
  8. Idle Flow - Peter Murphy
  9. London Calling - The Clash
  10. Unmarked Helicopters - Soul Coughing

Some real good ones this week. Out Of Control has always been high on my list of non-suck techno, and Unmarked Helicopters is a really fantastic piece that I believe was originally released on Songs In The Key Of X, though I have a copy by way of Lust In Phaze.

Then there's some random selections. This is week 2 of 2 that something off of the Goth Box has shown up (item 7). Then there's Idle Flow... I really like the stuff off of Wild Birds, so I picked up Unshattered thinking I'd probably like it as well. Turns out that Mr. Murphy decided to try a little experiment with Unshattered and repackage himself as some sort of goth Barry Manilow or something. Most of the tracks on the album are unredeemably silly ballads... bleh.


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