Sunday, February 04, 2007

A "Radical Misogynist" Puts In His Two Cents

One needn't be a radical misogynist to object to the actions of Texas Governor Perry. I could swear that I've written about this before, but if I have I can't find the post. So I'll argue this one de novo.

Simply put, there's no reason to make access to public schools contingent on HPV vaccination. Unlike whooping cough or polio, HPV isn't transmissible through casual contact; an individual with HPV on school grounds does not represent a threat to the health of others. Consequently, the rationale to support compulsory vaccination simply doesn't exist.

All of this, of course, rests on the assumption that the criteria for school attendance must be germane to the actual activity of attending school. But I'm glad that some people take the opposite view, because it reveals them to be the communist stoodges jackbooted fascist ass clowns terrorist sympathizers they really are.


Contrary to what some people claim, the types of HPV which lead to cervical cancer are only transmitted sexually. You don't get them from a frickin' swimming pool or standing in the shower.


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