Monday, October 15, 2007

Life is Light

Further evidence that, while there's no such thing as luck, there's such a thing as fortuitous coincidence: Yesterday, while flying out to a job, I got the urge to work on that Leo/Graphviz script I wrote about earlier. I could have just as easily been working on something else on my laptop, or pulled out my copy of Cat's Cradle and left the laptop alone entirely.

It just so happens, however, that the fact that I was running Linux on a laptop and writing Python code in an unusual editor attracted the notice of one of my seatmates. Aforementioned individual turned out to work for a really cool company that I'd love to work for. We got to talking about Open Source and computer trends and all sorts of geeky things. At the end of the conversation he said I should send him a resume.

Getting a job with the cool company could be a very significant change in my life. All because I was dicking around with Python code. Kundera was right.


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