Thursday, April 30, 2009

Look, Knock It Off Already

Dear Amanda -

Your broad-brush condemnation of libertarians isn't really justified; Andrew Sullivan and Peter Thiel are no more representative of all libertarians than Phyllis Schlafly is representative of all white women. I'm a libertarian and I happen to agree with your analysis that Thiel is largely an escapist wanker1. That said, your assertion that

he pretty openly states that he’d like to disenfranchise women and "welfare" recipients

is totally baseless. He may believe these two constituencies are "notoriously tough" for libertarians, and may even prefer that they were disenfranchised as a practical matter, but nowhere does he actually call for their disenfranchisement.

You, of all people, should appreciate the distinction between holding a belief and trying to force that opinion on others. Thiel is doing the former and not the latter, exactly as we would hope to see.

Yours Truly,


1 "Among the smartest conservatives, this pessimism often manifested in heroic drinking; the smartest libertarians, by contrast, had fewer hang-ups about positive law and escaped not only to alcohol but beyond it"... if you listen closely you can actually hear the sound of one hand fapping.


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