Monday, October 25, 2010

Fuck You Markos, Redux

I've become convinced that Markos is part of the problem, not part of the solution:

Note, the Texas Greens have been trying for years to get that 5% and automatic ballot access and have failed. Texas Democrats, incompetent lots that they are, failed to field a candidate in the Comptroller's race, so the GOP literally paid to get the Green candidate on the ballot. So now, if that Green candidate breaks 5 percent, Democrats will have to contend with spoilers in 2012.


Blame the Democrats for putting themselves in this position, but if you are a Texas voter, don't compound the mistake by voting Green in the Comptroller's race.

As for those who will feel compelled to defend the Greens -- I'll take them more seriously when they can get their ass on the ballot without cashing the GOP's checks.

One of the biggest problems with democracy as its practiced in the US is the entrenched Republican/Democrat duopoly. They both suck, but if you're going to vote you've no choice but to hold your nose and pick the least bad candidate. I don't particularly care whether the Republicans purchased a spot for the Greens; broadened access for alternative viewpoints is objectively good, period. Maybe if they have a little competition the Democrats in Texas will find cause to stop sucking so much.

The above, taken in combination with his recent advice to Jack Conway vis-a-vis farm subsidies, makes a pretty good case that Markos has abandoned the moral high ground. His focus is not better policy or promoting democracy, but rather ensuring that Democrats obtain (and retain) power by hook or by crook.


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