Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Government Cheese Pimps

Amanda is correct in noting the absurdity of the government sponsoring anti-obesity initiatives while, at the same time, heavily promoting cheese products through outfits such as Dairy Management Inc.. I've got to disagree, however, with her root-cause analysis:

That’s right. The government runs an agency whose entire purpose is to move Americans away from ingrained cultural tendencies not to suck down rubbery-tasting cheese by the gallon, and instead get us to coat everything we eat with cheese. They do this for the sole purpose of improving profits for companies that are, bit by bit, destroying the health of Americans.

Eh... no, not quite. As Amanda notes in the following paragraph, Dairy Management Inc. exists to promote the interests of dairy producers. This effort is not driven by the desire to boost Domino's profits, but rather is just the latest in a long string of interventions designed to prop up the dairy industry. In her defense she points out a little later on that reducing subsidies on dairy would certainly help in this situation.


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