Sunday, April 15, 2012

Random Burger Find in Bogota

My experience with burgers in Latin America is that they're generally "meh"... not bad, but not of the superb caliber that you're capable of finding in various establishments in the United States. So I am happy to report that the art of the hamburger is a live and well in Bogota at a restaurant called "El Corral".

All they do is burgers, and the burgers are good. Mind you that, since this is Latin America, there are some interesting variations which you're unlikely to find in the United States. Like the "Corral CosteƱa", which is topped with plantain chips, some kind of local cheese, and "suero" (which Google says means "serum" or "whey", but looks more like some kind of mayonnaise). I myself am partial to the "Corral Especial", a standard burger topped with chopped bacon. So if you happen to find yourself looking for something good to eat in the business district I recommend you stop in and give one a try.


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