Friday, January 13, 2006

Greetings From The "I'm Here And You're Not" State

Let me tell you why I like my job... they sent me to Hawaii. Oh yeah, I had like 2.5 hours worth of work to do while I'm here. But that's done already, and now I have 3 full days of tropical paradise to enjoy on the company's dime. Let me tell you why else I like my job. I'm sitting here on the balcony of my hotel room... yes, my room has a balcony and yes, I can see the Pacific. But more to the point I'm sitting on my balcony, smoking a cigar and drinking a 40. And not just any 40, a 40 of Mickeys. Do you know, I've lived in places where its illegal to sell 40s? Its been waaayyy too long since I've been able to kick back like this. Usually I've got some piece of work or another hanging over my head. But, right now, not a damn thing to worry about. Sure, my luggage hasn't arrived yet, but even that's not dampening my spirits. I love this place, it reminds me of SoCal minus the smog. People here are friendly and happy, or they're doing a good enough job pretending that it doesn't make a difference. I'm staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Damn, this place is huge. When I'm rich and famous I'm going to stay somewhere a little bit smaller, but at this point I think its a case of beggars not being choosers. I had their buffet for dinner since I wasn't in any mood to go exploring this evening. Ok food, but you're paying resort prices. Tomorrow I will go off the beaten path and find something a little more worthwhile. I hear they have good sushi around here somewhere... have I mentioned that my job rocks?


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