Monday, January 09, 2006

Looking Beyond Roe v. Wade

Update: Someone just ran a commercial about the his failure to recuse himself in a case involving Vanguard. Yeah, he probably should have recused himself, and he probably should have got his story straight afterwards. But I'm much less disturbed about one man's personal mendacity than I am in the fact that he said it was procedurally advisable for the police to shoot fleeing suspects in the back. C'mon, someone say "Judge Alito supports shooting first and asking questions later". Low hanging fruit here people...
I'm listening to CNN this morning, and all the hubbub about Alito's upcoming confirmation hearings seems to center around his opinions regarding abortion/R v. W. This is a tendency which I've noticed both in the traditional media and the not-so-traditional media. His views on this issue are questionable (possibly execrable), but I worry that R v. W/abortion is becoming a litmus test (if its not one already). Progressives need to remember that there are other issues beyond abortion; there's nothing that annoys me more than a one-issue voter (well, few things). These other issues have been covered in the press, granted, but not to the extent that I think they should be. For example, the whole strip search story deserves more popular play than its getting. Even worse than that, though, is Alito's response to the shooting of an unarmed burglar. That's a clincher; I bet I can take that story to a reasonable person of any political persuasion and they'll recognize it as being beyond the pale, a perversion devoid of any relationship to a sane theory of justice.


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