Thursday, January 05, 2006

Niche Software Is Where Its At

When I grow up I want to start a software company that makes software for some niche market, say, university administration. My business plan is as follows:
  1. Charge people lots of money to install Oracle.
  2. Claim that anything past the installation of Oracle is a "software customization", allowing me to charge more money. For example:
    1. "Oh, you want to be able to talk to our authorization partner? We're going to have to send an engineer out to set that up?"
    2. "Recurrent billing? Yeah, we've been thinking about implementing that feature. I think we could do that if we set up a cron job."
  3. Profit.
The above summarizes my experience dealing with Jenzabar, a company that makes software which my alma mater uses. I've been trying to help them get some recurrent billing capability set up, and every time I've had cause to speak with Jenzabar about some feature I find out that its not installed by default or its not activated by default or some such thing. Gah.


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