Saturday, February 25, 2006

What's Up Now?

Strange questions at security while traveling outbound from Austin yesterday. I was selected for special screening, probably on account of some ticketing changes due to weather in Newark, so my carry-on got the full explosive-detection swabbing routine. While he was checking my laptop he asked me a couple of questions which I've never heard before (I travel weekly, so I noticed the departure from the usual chatter):
  1. Is the computer yours or does the company own it? The company provided it for me.
  2. Does anyone at your office know that you're traveling today? Yeah, they do.
  3. Do people at the office like you? Are you on good terms with everyone? Yeah, I guess so.
He was clearly not just making small talk. So I wonder, then, what exactly was going on? Here's some wild-ass guesses:
  • People have been caught tampering with their (presumably disliked) office-mates' laptops in order to cause problems going through security.
  • TSA got a tip that such a thing is going to happen.
  • TSA got a tip that there's going to be a rigged laptop or something of that nature; the questions are a distraction/excuse in case they actually find aforementioned laptop.
It'll be interesting to see if this is a one-time thing, or if it becomes a recurrent question for any period of time.


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