Monday, July 17, 2006

At Last, A Real Brewpub

I like beer. A lot. I brew beer, I drink beer, I frequent a grocery store that sells nothing but beer. So it makes me sad when, in my travels, I find a brewpub, only to find out that they don't actually brew any beer. Sure, some of them do the whole 80+ beers on tap thing, which goes a long way to console me, but still I'm disappointed. So imagine my satisfaction at finding a bona-fide brewpub out here in the wilds of Southfield, Michigan. Imagine further, if you will, that this brewpub, going by the name of Copper Canyon, sells a beer which is close to unique. Now this is a rare event for me, having drunk as many different brands of beer as I have. Its unusual for me to run across something which make me say "Whoa, now that a good glass of beer". Copper Canyon sells a seasonal brew called Bourbon Imperial Stout, which bears a close kinship with Sam Adam's Triplebock. Its a high-alcohol stout (about %12) that, according to the barkeep, is aged in bourbon barrels. Tres bien... nice, deep notes of maple and maybe some coffee... all good. Oh yeah, and they sell growlers for $9... not bad either.


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