Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Random Reflection On The Dark Tower

I finished The Dark Tower series awhile ago. In the interim a random thought has been bouncing around in my head regarding the way that King decided to finish off the series. The last chapter of the book, which has Roland return to the beginning of the story, is definitely more in keeping with the tone of the series than the more upbeat original ending. But it also changes the meaning of the entire story. Forcing Roland to relive the tale again drastically shifts its focus; it becomes a narrative about karma or atonement, but its not clear to me what Roland has to atone for. By his own admission King seems not to have known that he would finish the series in such a fashion, so I wonder how well the story actually hangs together under this late recasting of the narrative. I now find myself in the position of wanting to reread the entire series from start to finish, probably something I should have done anyway since I started the series years ago when I was 12 or 13. That is all, carry on.


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