Saturday, June 09, 2007

300 Posts: An Arbitrary Time For Reflection

It looks like most of what I write has a natural audience of about 1. Which I find a little disappointing because I think that at least some of what I write should be interesting to more people. But if you look at the Sitemeter stats for this blog you notice that up until a few weeks ago a big chunk of the hits were people searching for pictures of Radwaniyah. I don't even have the pictures, I just linked to them. Then I wrote a post on CentOS which now seems to be my biggest draw, though it appears that just mentioning Obama's name is a good way to get eyeballs on your site as well.

So people don't seem to be drawn to the things in which I am interested about writing. And the ones who do visit aren't generally compelled to leave comments. I haven't had a really good discussion since I wrote about abortion and pre-implantation screening, and that was almost 10 months ago. Which makes me wonder why I bother... the original point of this blog was to give me a chance to interact with other people, but I seem to be doing precious little of that. I'm really not interested in hearing myself talk; I keep running things up the flag pole in the hopes that someone might salute.

It may be time for a break; I'm going to be moving/vacationing soon and won't feel particularly compelled to write. Maybe I'll continue when I come back if it seems reasonable.


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